Atlassian delights in ed-tech with HEX

Atlassian staff also serve as tutors for scholarship recipients, building on the company’s culture of giving back and improving society. This has become an important consideration for major employers, with over 60% of workers saying they expect their organization to take action on social issues like equality, poverty and climate change. HEX’s legitimacy with universities … Read more

How EdTech platforms can benefit teachers in the age of digital learning

Internet penetration and technological advances have given rise to the EdTech revolution in recent years. This has improved the quality of education and introduced us to innovative programs. The industry has achieved promising milestones in improving student performance and opening avenues for wider accessibility to learning over time. With the idea of ​​providing integrated educational … Read more

EdTech Startup Afrilearn Free learning platform for Nigerian students

The tech space for education has reached new heights as the Afrilearn mobile app becomes freely accessible to primary and secondary school students across Nigeria and beyond. This was contained in a statement released Wednesday, February 3, 2022 by Afrilearn. Founded in 2019, Afrilearn offers children ages 6 to 18 free, fun and world-class education … Read more

5 virtual-classroom tools to foster authentic connections

(Image credit: Christina @ up for our daily edtech news briefing today, free. Virtual teaching can offer educators newfound flexibility in lesson planning and open exciting new pathways to student growth. Whether you’re new to teaching or adapting to a virtual environment, it’s essential to understand how to build authentic connections with your students … Read more

edtech companies to stop using tutors based overseas

As part of sweeping reforms of the edtech industry, China has introduced new restrictions on tutoring, including on when classes can take place and the content that can be taught. The move has been put down to trying to decrease the financial burden on parents and thereby encourage parents to have more children as the … Read more

The United Nations’ International Day of Education calls for education to be ‘creatively re-imagined’ – FE News

Today is the United Nations’ International Day of Education (24 January). Founder & Chairman of the global EdTech – @Cuemath – Manan Khurma, comments: “The United Nations’ International Day of Education should have everyone focus on global education inequality, and learning losses sustained during the pandemic. We are committed to working towards solving these issues, … Read more

Leading English Language Proficiency App ELSA Releases Availability of Speech Recognition and Feedback Engine API| APN News

Previous story: AU Bank performs very well with PAT Q3’FY2022 of ₹ 302 Crore The leading English language proficiency app ELSA releases the availability of the Speech and Feedback Engine API Published January 28, 2022 Democratizes access to the English language and training, announces partnerships with Edtech institutions ELSA, a company that uses speech recognition … Read more

AI project aims to use tech to remove bias from the hiring process

Adapt’s Kolawole Adebayo will examine how AI can be leveraged for bias-free recruitment and to increase diversity. An Irish research project will examine how to use data and artificial intelligence to remove bias from the recruiting process. The project will be led over three years by Kolawole Adebayo, a researcher at Adapt, the Science Foundation … Read more

Renewing your career through Executive Education

By Sunil Sood, Chief Business Officer – Executive Education, Times Professional Learning Amidst economic uncertainties, technological disruptions, a two-year-long pandemic, rapid globalization, and many other cascading forces that are creating tectonic shifts for businesses, executive education has become more important than ever. For working professionals to stay competitive, upskilling is the need of the hour … Read more