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Deborah Berke, 2022 Topaz Medal. Photo: Kirk Wuest, image courtesy of ACSA.

Deborah Berke, 2022 Topaz Medal. Photo: Kirk Wuest, image courtesy of ACSA.

The Association of Collegiate Schools of Architecture has announced the winners of the 2022 Architectural Education Awards. More than 50 architecture instructors from around the world have received accolades for their inspiring research and teaching methods.

Yale Dean Deborah Berke led the field as this year’s Topaz medal winner. University of Arkansas faculty were particularly well represented.

Scroll down to see the full list of winners.

AIA / ACSA Topaz Medallion for Excellence in Architectural Education

  • Deborah Berke of the Yale School of Architecture

Distinguished Professor Award

  • LaVerne Wells-Bowie of Florida Agricultural and Mechanical University
  • Michael J. Crosbie of the University of Hartford
  • David Hinson of Auburn University
  • Mitra Kanaani of the New School of Architecture and Design
  • Ethel Goodstein-Murphree of the University of Arkansas

ACSA / AIAS New Faculty Didactic Award

  • Camille Sherrod of Kean University
  • José Ibarra of the University of Virginia
  • Aneesha Dharwadker of the University of Illinois, Urbana-Champaign
  • Liz McCormick of the University of North Carolina at Charlotte

Diversity Award

  • Super resilient: finding solid foundations for the Hlauleka school in Mozambique – Maged Guerguis of the University of Tennessee-Knoxville
  • Engineering independence: concrete architecture in the southern hemisphere – Mohamed Ismail and Caitlin Mueller of the Massachusetts Institute of Technology

* Diversity Achievement Award Honorable Mention

  • Accessibility at the start of planning – Nikole Bouchard of the University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee

Faculty Design Award – Research and Design Category

  • Wood with hinge | Creating non-orthogonal architectural assemblies using the most common linear construction component (the 2 × 4) – Blair Satterfield, Alexander Preiss, Derek Mavis, Graham Entwistle and Jon Ackerley of the University of British Columbia; and Marc Swackhamer and Matthew Hayes of the University of Colorado at Denver

Faculty Design Award – Excellence in the Community / Research category

  • Co-Designing Wellness: Arctic Indigenous Wellness Center – Lola Sheppard of the University of Waterloo and Mason White of the University of Toronto, Kearon Roy Taylor | University of Toronto

Faculty Design Award – Applied Representation Category

  • Space Point Web Template – Aaron Jones of Lawrence Technological University

Faculty Design Award – Structural Innovation Category

  • Skyroom Pavilion
    Kristina Yu of the University of New Mexico

JAE Award for Best Article – Best Design as a Scholarship Article

  • The Shipyard, Redux – Timothy Hyde of the Massachusetts Institute of Technology

JAE Award for Best Article – Best Scholarship for Article Design

  • Climate design and its others Jennifer Ferng and Daniel J. Ryan of the University of Sydney and Jiat-Hwee Chang, Erik L’Heureux of the National University of Singapore

JAE Award for Best Article – Best Micronarrative

  • Tamaššā: Walking for pleasure in an altered (or altered) Beirut – Elizabeth Martin-Malikian | Kennesaw State University

AIA / ACSA Housing Design Education Award

  • Middle Grounds: new prototypes for medium-density homes Martin Hättasch of the University of Texas at Austin
  • Markham Square Housing: One Square Master Plan, Six Students, Six Housing Projects – Stephen Luoni and Claude Terral of the University of Arkansas
  • From home to accommodation: remixing Mar Vista – Brian Holland of the University of Arkansas

AIA / ACSA Practice + Leadership Award

  • Enhanced Voices: Practice Chronicles – John Folan of the University of Arkansas

* AIA / ACSA Practice + Leadership Award Honorable Mention

  • Integrated Pedagogy – David Karle of the University of Nebraska-Lincoln and Mark Bacon of BVH Architecture
  • Crossing Borders: Professional Practice and RFP in Deeply International Areas of Poverty, Conflict, and Diversity – Marcus Farr of the American University of Sharjah

TAD Research Contribution Award

  • Architecture laboratory exercise for the development of photosynthetic biocomposites based on clay and ceramic – Assia Stefanova, Ben Bridgens, Pichaya In-na, Gary Caldwell and Rachel Armstrong of Newcastle University

Collaborative Practice Award

  • The Future of Hawaii Homes, a bottom-up exploratory research collaboration – Karla Sierralta of the University of Hawaiʻi at Mānoa and Brian Strawn of the University of Hawaiʻi Community Design
  • Constructive inclusiveness – John Folan of the University of Arkansas and Urban Design Build Studio (UDBS)
  • Roaming Porches – A participatory action research study – Stefan Gruber of Carnegie Mellon University
  • Activate, Articulate, Support: for the right to occupy, maintain the ground and improve – María Arquero de Alarcón and Ana Paula Pimentel Walker of the University of Michigan

Design-Build Award

  • The Kunga accessory housing unit – Jörg Rügemer of the University of Utah
  • The Arroyo Bridge – R. Scott Mitchell of the University of Southern California
  • New river train observation tower – Edward Becker and Kay Edge of Virginia Tech
  • AB McDonald elementary school outdoor classroom – Scott Lawrence, Brett Carter and LaRae Tomera of the University of Idaho

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